Travel Healthy in Southern Africa: Covid19, Vaccinations, Malaria

African Travel Health information

Upon entering Southern African countries, there is no requirements on Covid19. Unless you are traveling from yellow fever zone, vaccinations are not required either**. Malaria risk exists in many national parks including Victoria Falls, however, it is preventable with precautionary measures described below.

* Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa
** This information is relevant
at the time of posting. Our travel consultant will inform you if there is any policy changes.

🪻 Covid19 Requirements

Covid vaccination or PCR testing for international travellers is NOT required in Southern African countries.

💉 Vaccinations Requirements

No vaccination is required when you are entering Southern African countries.

However, Yellow fever vaccination certificate is required IF you are arriving from countries with risk of yellow fever transmission, or IF you have transited for more than 12 hours through an airport of a country with risk of yellow fever transmission.

🦟 Malaria

In Zimbabwe, there is low to no risk in Harare(capital) and Bulawayo(second largest city) and other areas with high altitude(pink zone on map). Malaria risk is high in lower altitude area (red zone) throughout the year; highest from November to June, in areas below 1200m including the Zambezi Valley and Victoria Falls.

If you are visiting World’s Wonder Victoria Falls, malaria precautions are essential. Take careful measures especially after sunset to dawn, to eliminate malaria risk.

Travel health information: Southern Africa, Victoria Falls

1. Avoid mosquito bites by:

• Covering up with clothing such as long sleeves and long trousers
• Using insect repellents on exposed skin: face, neck, wrists and hands, ankles and feet etc.
• Sleeping under a mosquito net.

🤠 Wakambi Travel staff members carry effective insect repellents during tours. Please feel free to request one as you require. Wakambi Travel’s accommodations in high malaria risk areas are all equipped with mosquito nets.

2. Check with your doctor or nurse

Ask a healthcare professional about suitable antimalarial tablets, at least 2 weeks before your departure. Remember to finish the course after leaving Africa!

🏥 If you are visiting high risk areas including Victoria Falls(Zimbabwe, Zambia), Chobe(Botswana), Hwange(Zimbabwe), atovaquone/proguanil OR doxycycline OR mefloquine is usually advised. These tablets must be taken a few days or 1 week BEFORE ARRIVAL at high risk malaria area. So visit to a doctor must be done at least 2 weeks before your travel. The tablets must be taken after leaving the malaria zone for days to weeks depending on type of antimalarial. If you are visiting only low to no risk areas, antimalarials are not usually required.

3. Visit your doctor if anything worries you.

If you feel flu like symptoms after visiting high risk area, visit your doctor immediately! Quick treatment assures quick recovery.

Wakambi Travel offers you beautiful African nature tours with wildlife encounters in malaria free zone! Click here to learn more about Malaria Free Tours and Safaris.

Our consultant will advise you steps and measures you should take for the best malaria prevention and latest health requirements. With Wakambi Travel you will travel healthy and strong, enjoying every moment in Africa!

Travel health information: when you visit Africa Victoria Falls

Please contact us to learn more about traveling healthy in Africa.

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