Rasta Mediation and Vibration Adventures. Drumming and Nature Hikes to Commune with the Earth!


1 and a Half Day, 1 Night

Tour Highlights

☆ Nature & Wildlife Conservation Park in Marondera, Zimbabwe
☆ Game Drive and Bushwalks
☆ Meditation and visioning sessions in African natural surroundings
☆ Campsite Gazebo Sundowners
☆ Drumming night
☆ Camping in African Wilderness

Tour Type

🏕 For group of 6 and above participants

🍴Truly Full Board. Meals during the tour are included and prepared & served by Wakambi’s private chef.
. Snacks and drinks are freely available throughout the tour; not only tea, coffee, juice, and bottled water, also beers, and cocktails.

Tour Overview

Rasta Mediation, Drumming Spiritual Retreat and Ubuntu Vibration Adventures. Drumming Nature Hike Lightbringing Communion, Alignment, Wellness, Oneness and Bliss

This tour is based on the Traditional Heritage of African Vibrational Get Together Commucation TransformationTherapy Art and science. As is always the case art in Africa is not for decorative purposes and aesthetic appeal as is the case in most instances in the world. Art in Africa is mostly for functional purposes and musical drumming is no exception. This is not new age therapy, its ancient heritage primordial therapy based on the rhythm life attune to the natural state of the beats of life.

The function of the Rasta Mediation Ubuntu Vibration African Drumming Spiritual Retreat Adventure Tour is meant to make one:

🪘Become educated with indigenous knowledge, wisdom of the past, ancient art and learn to open up your mind to the benefits of embracing and accessing ancestral memory as humans have been on earth for hundreds of thousands of years connected through ancestry. Understand from ancient African ism that less is more and the collective choice of minimalism in Africa. In the cradle of mankind where life embodies the spirit of Ubuntu; the Oneness of mankind. Prior to Modernization Africa did not need any form climate change mitigation, conservation and nature protection meaning the of way of life through ancient generational knowledge passed and practices the people were environmentally cognizant and lived conservation oriented lives that maintain the balance. Africa did not need any form of aid or developmental assistance as health, household and food security were obtained in society through sustainable living. We kindle kindle this ancestral memory to invoke compassionate, considerate, concious living in modern humans. See and appreciate the wisdom of Africa’s slow modern Industrialization process which has saved the forests.

🪘 Go within by letting go and learning to walk in the direction of your purpose as defined by life through allowing for the way to be led by Peace, Love and Harmony in pursuit of the spirit of good humanity and one love all the time. Be free of all forms of worry and emotional stagnation. Build self confidence and your faith and trust in humanity. Gifting insight and methods to establish resolve and make things happen.

🪘Learn to commune with the Earth through embracing Indegenous knowledge and practices that safeguarded the environment, flora, fauna, the earth and humanity for aeons and aeons. Learn to let the earth purify your being and become renergized by the Earth. Gain Clarity life, a sense of purpose, obtain focus, resolve, ability and capacity through acute visioning, and attaining goals.

🪘 Apply the life the secret of success to Well being; Health, Wealth and Happiness. By choosing to swallow the bitter and learn how to acieve balance by keeping your emotional guidance scale in check to live a beautiful fullfiling life.

🪘Engage in Prayer, Meditation, Asking and Visualization though Drummed up cosmic Vibration and chants to connect to the source and to connect to the one in whose image we are made and access the God Force and God Power within us as we learn and come to believe.

🪘Come to align with the universe to gain the wherewithal, willpower, ways and means to unleash creativity, innovation and consumating opportunities that are abound and boundless.

🪘Achieve immediate results in Wellness, by partly introducing new forms Nutrition to old eating habits. Learn to detox with fruits, herbs and Hiking for pleasure and fitness that helps respiration and enables the body to keep the Optimum cell temperature for metabolism and good health.

🪘 Meet people, make friends, respect diversity, inclusiveness, multiculturalism, in a sipirit emboding life in Africa through the norms, etiquette, spirit, culture, tradition and ancestral memory of Ubuntu, Oneness and Bliss. This is how village and country life becomes free of criminal and security threats in simple settlements.

Rasta Vibration Adventures. Drumming for Meditative Purposes in the midst of Flora and Fauna coupled with Meditation Hikes and chants of alignment and Relaxing Awe Inspiring Game Drives. The is time to commune with the Earth, align with the Universe. And invoke Peace, Love, Happiness and Harmony. The spirit of good humanity!

This tour takes place in Eastern Highlands, Bulawayo – Matopos, Harare – Periphery, Victoria Falls, Pretoria and other beautiful, sacred, mystical, enchanting or magical places in Africa. In its Mini form the drumming adventure vibration tour takes place in Marondera’s nature spaces over a day and a half.

Benefits of this Tour

Increase the wellbeing of both men and women helping restore human vitality by improving key health components, psychological balance and helps to be in tune with the universe.

This tour will also improve understanding of peaceful existence, and taking the path to living a life of non violent struggle. Developing the power to let go and heal within and live a life of alignment and bliss with the universe and guided by the will of existence.

Always start from the positive with every encounter learn to see first the beauty and good in everything. And life will present you with boundless good and beauty all around you. Let’s have a sleep over in the wilderness to experience a camp fire circle night Drumming Circle sessions. Feel the beat of the drum and move with the pulsating rhythm to attune with nature, as we form a collective consciousness and get alignment with the universe and life.

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Be Part of One Love

Participating in our Rasta Mediation & Vibration Tour is a great enabler to our healthcare initiatives as we raise resources for the development of our One Love Clinic and One Love Wellbeing Center. The clinic is meant to cater for citizen healthcare needs and medical tourism; it also offers maternity services.

Price per person sharing

From USD870

Including taxes

Price Includes

♡ All activities described
♡ Pickup & drop off, transfers during the tour
♡ Entrance fees
♡ All meals and drinks during the tour
• Day 1: Light breakfast at arrival, lunch, dinner
• Day 2: Breakfast
• Snacks and drinks are available throughout the day. Drinks include tea, coffee, juice, bottled water, beers, cocktails.
♡ An African drum to take home
♡ Camping setup
♡ Wakambi Tshirt & Coffee Flask to take home

Price Excludes

× Insurance
× Gratuity

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Rasta Mediation and Vibration Adventures. Drumming and Nature Hikes to Commune with the Earth!