Alien Encounter: Read, Drum, Tour Africa ~ Matobo National Park, 3 Nights, All Inclusive

Learn about the collective and shared human experiences around other life forms and extraterrestrials. According to local legends, sages, griots, oracles, shamans, sangoma and other wise ones and keepers of knowledge. Aliens or extraterrestrials have been frequenting Africa, particularly Zimbabwe, since ancient times up to today. Chitauri is not an invented character of Marvel; they are known species in existence mentioned in various African lores!

Day 1: Afternoon game drive with sundowners

Alien Encounter Day 1 Game Drive

You will be picked up from airport or your accommodation in Bulawayo; then transferred to a comfortable and welcoming lodge with a fabulous view of Matobo World Heritage Site. In the afternoon, embark on a sunset game drive with sundowners and storytelling on diversity of African wildlife, conservation and totems. Enjoy the view of beautiful African wildlife: zebras, kudus, giraffes, warthogs, baboons, wildebeests and numerous bird life!

Day 2: Reading, storytelling, drumming circle and traditional music & dance

Alien Encounter: Matobo 3 Nights Day 2

Be inspired by Africa’s unfamiliar history! The day’s activities takes place at Hillside Dam Conservancy: King Lobengula’s recreational nature reserve. Lobengula was the king of Mthwakazi Nation founded by King Mzilikazi, with highly organized military system that left lasting impressions among European settlers. Hillside Dam situates in the middle of the city with peaceful waterfront and natural walking trails. Whilst being immersed in the serene environment of the dam uncover facts and knowledge on the theme of your choice, based on African oral history and ancient wisdom. Play African drum and open your mind and soul to the newly acquired knowledge of humanity. Relax and be merry with mouthwatering outdoor lunch, beers, and choice of smoke. Have a taste of specially brewed African beer whilst joining the session of traditional drumming, singing and dancing!

Day 3: Full Day Tour of Matobo Hills World Heritage Site

Alien Encounter: Matobo 3 Nights,  Day 3

The area of Matobo is known as a high energy zone locally and internationally by lightworkers, spirit mediums, sages, and other. And this is where certain aliens were seen!

You will experience magnificent views and breathtaking landscapes of balancing rock formations, and areas of open grassland valleys. Track rhino, in their habitat, on foot with your guide, often seeing other species of wildlife along the way. Then a short hike to see some of the magnificent rock art of bygone human habitation of the area, and an informative talk in cave like overhang surrounds about the little known San people, their culture and pictograph type art. Visit the famous Worlds View, with a panoramic 360 degree view of the Matobo area.

Day 4: After breakfast, we will transfer you back to the airport or your accommodation in the city.


Farmhouse Lodge, Matobo, Bulawayo

Your accommodation in Matobo is Farmhouse Lodge or similar with a fabulous view of Matobo World Heritage Site.


African Royal Hospitality: All Inclusive Wholesome Experience

Wakambi’s all inclusive experience African Royal Hospitality makes your stay unforgettable with full of good feeling!

✔️ Meals are delicious and hearty prepared with fresh produce of Southern African highvelt.

✔️ Activities and experiences are enhanced with quality local beers and spirits for morning glory, bush pub lunch, and sundowners.

✔️ Variety of quality smoke are also on offer.

✔️ Storytelling on past and present of Africa and humanity, wildlife, nature and the universe are not only intriguing, may transform your life at once. Everything is included in experience price.

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Alien Encounter: Read, Drum, Tour Africa ~ Matobo National Park, 3 Nights, All Inclusive