Cultural Heritage Drive and Hike: Harare Rock Art Tour

Step into the rich and awe-inspiring history of Africa and Zimbabwe with a journey through it's ancient Rock Art.

Type of Tour

Day Tour, Malaria Free


9 Hours

Tour Highlights

☆ Guided tour of renowned four rock art sites near Harare city
☆ Reviewing and discussion with local archaeologist and traditional historian
☆ Lux lunch basket and dinner prepared by professional chefs
☆ Sundowners drinks
☆ Snacks and drinks including local beers, spirits, cocktails

Tour Overview

Africa is the cradle of humankind and all humans on earth are descendants of a woman who is scientifically known as Eve and knowledgebly known as Amarava in Africa. Part of her offspring known as the San and Khoisan inhabited most of Southern Africa for thousands of years. Their ancestors left behind vast amounts of data stored and archived in the form of Rock Art. To this very day these Rock artworks remain an unsolved and not fully understood human phenomenon. This tour gives you the opportunity to come close to some artworks inscribed and painted on stone. Anthropologist study Rock Art believe that they were probably of religious and magical significance. This one and a half day tour is only a fraction of our detailed full 15 day tour on Rock Art across Zimbabwe.

Step into the rich and awe-inspiring history of Africa and Zimbabwe with a journey through it’s ancient Rock Art. Witness the stunning and intricate depictions of ancient life, spirituality, and culture perfectly preserved on rock surfaces for thousands of years. Trace the footsteps of our ancestors through the incredible surroundings of Zimbabwe’s countryside and explore the hidden gems of the Harare periphery. Take a journey through time and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Rock Paintings and engravings showcasing Zimbabwe’s vibrant and cultural heritage. Rediscover the past and uncover the secrets of this fascinating land with a guided Rock Art Tour. An experience you won’t soon forget. This is an educational and ìncredible experience for comparative study of art and art materials. Within our world of advanced technology the ancient art is technologically advanced art some of which is more than 10 000 years old.

Our tour is also meant to help sustain our research cum preservation project of Zimbabwean Rock Art. Throughout Africa Rock Art Research has only been superficially researched and understood. Your participation in this tour will help us advance our work in this area.

What To Come

Our Full 7 and 10 Day around Zimbabwe Rock Art and Wildlife Tour Guide Team includes a heritage coordinator, renowned archaeologist, cultural anthropologist, knowledgeable sangoma, and tour guide.

Let’s Save Them for the Next Generation

By participating in Wakambi’s Rock Art Tour, you will contribute to conservation and rehabilitation of the Rock art sites across Africa. Most sites have been neglected and damaged, causing bulk loss of ancient memories of humankind. The proceeds of the tour goes to hire security guards, erecting caution boards and fences to remind visitors of importance of the sites.

Tour Price Per Person

From USD380


♡ Activities described
♡ Pickup and drop off, transfers during the tour
♡ Entrance Fees
♡ Guided tour
♡ Lunch basket and dinner prepared by professional chef
♡ Drinks (soft drinks, bottled water, local beers & spirits, cocktails)
♡ Wakambi Travel Tshirt and Coffee Flask


× Gratuity
× Insurance

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Cultural Heritage Drive and Hike: Harare Rock Art Tour