Secret of the Black Panther: Lores of the Last Kingdom


3 Nights ◇ 2 and A Half Day

Tour Highlights

☆ Guided tours of:

  • Matobo National Park and Khami Ruins: both UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • Hillside Conservancy: National Monument
  • Bulawayo City: Second largest city of Zimbabwe and capital of Western provinces

☆ Historical, Cultural and Nature excursions including visiting Bushman Cave Paintings, C. Rhodes’ grave, Rhino tracking, tour of ancient African empire’s Royal homes

☆ Storytelling of Black Panther’s Secret: untold stories behind the popular Marvel comic/movie

☆ Drum Talk and Drumming Circle Nights to commune with mother nature of Africa

☆ All meals, snacks and drinks, including local beers, spirits and cocktails are included

☆ Wakambi’s private chef prepares and serves meals throughout the tour

☆ Tour & Save: Part of tour proceeds goes to environmental rehabilitation and conservation of the tour sites.

Tour Overview

Join us on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to Africa, Zimbabwe, where ancient folklore and mesmerizing storytelling come to life. Embark on a 3-day Black Panther leopard tour to Matopos, a land rich in cultural heritage and wildlife.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting tales of the ancient leopard Lore, passed down through generations. Discover the spiritual significance of leopard skins, worn by royalty and esteemed individuals. Uncover the metaphysical theory behind this sacred tradition and hear the captivating story behind its existence.

Experience the thrill of game drives, as we venture into the heart of Matobo National Park to witness a diverse array of wildlife roaming freely in their natural habitat. Keep your eyes peeled for the elusive leopard, an unparalleled sight that will leave you in awe of its grace and power.

Indulge in the rhythm of Africa as you join in vibrant African Drumming sessions in Matobo. Let the beat of the drums awaken your senses and transport you to a world filled with energy and passion. Feel the exhilaration as you connect with the ancient rhythms of the land.

By joining our Black Panther leopard tour, you are not only embarking on an extraordinary adventure, but also supporting vital leopard research, breeding, and conservation efforts in Zimbabwe and Africa. Part of the proceeds from each tour go directly towards these initiatives, helping preserve the delicate balance of this magnificent species.

Experience the magic of ancient folklore, witness majestic leopards in their natural habitat, and contribute to the conservation of these extraordinary creatures. Join us on this unforgettable journey through Matobo, a land where stories and wildlife intertwine.

Get ready to encounter the origin of Black Panther story on our exciting tour! Experience more than just the sights of renowned world heritage sites, as our storyteller provides you with exclusive and fascinating insights into the background of this legendary comic/movie. Dive into the world of hidden gems and secret stories through drumming circles that will take your visit to the next level. Relax and be merry with hearty meals and drinks prepared by privaxe chef. Make your trip in Africa unforgettable with our Black Panther tour!

But what sets this tour apart is the presence of Wakambi royalty – a direct descendant of the Wakambi kings will provide you with a unique insight into the history of their tribe, who arrived at Matobo and Bulawayo nearly 200 years ago. Feel the ancient beat in the Drumming circle and immerse yourself in the natural splendor and rich cultural tapestry, and return home feeling refreshed, enlightened, and inspired.

This is an experience not to be missed!


Day 1: Children of Wakambi ~ Introduction & Bulawayo City Tour

📜 African Storytelling Theme: Children of Wakambi

Overview: Day 1

Welcome to the City of Kings and Queens Bulawayo! Wakambi Travel introduces you to the African cosmopolis which offers untold background stories of the popular comic/movie Black Panther. Enjoy the city tour: historical buildings of the early colonial era, as well as busy lively markets and business venues in the heart of the city. See rare exhibits of early engines and coaches used during and after the colonial era at the National Railway Museum. Drum Talk introduces you to African Drums whilst relaxing with sundowners drinks. Enjoy hearty dinner listening to the intriguing background story of the city, its people, and how they relate to the famous comic.

Day 2: Prayers of Kings ~ Matobo Full Day Tour and Drumming Circle Night

📜 African Storytelling Theme: Great journey of Wakambi: Origin of Black Panther Tribe. From East Africa to Matobo and Beyond

Overview: Day 2

Escape to the awe-inspiring natural wonderland of the Matobo highland in Africa, where serenity, spirituality, and ancient mysticism reign supreme. This enchanting place has been home to heroes, legends, and ordinary people alike since the dawn of time, and it’s no wonder that Wakanda, the mythical kingdom in Black Panther, was inspired by this very spot.
Matobo’s breathtaking landscape is an explorer’s dream, offering a vibrant tapestry of ancient history and cultural heritage that will mesmerize and delight you. Marvel at the incredible rock paintings by San Bushmen, feel the power of the sacred hill of ancestral spirits Malindidzimu, and bask in the same World’s View that Cecil Rhodes himself beheld. And that’s not all – Matobo’s natural ecosystem is brimming with magnificent white Rhinoceroses that roam freely thanks to successful reintroduction efforts.

Day 3: Memories of African Royal Homes – Khami Ruins and Ntunjambili/Hillside Conservancy Full Day Tour & Drumming Circle Night

📜 African Storytelling Theme: Untold story of stone ruins of Africa

Overview: Day 3

Experience the grandeur of African Royalty on Day 3 of your trip! Marvel at the astounding remains of the ancient city of Khami, a UNESCO World Heritage site that boasts unique masonry and stunning stone walls. Discover the opulent Royal family’s mystique residence, situated atop a hill that offers a 360-degree panoramic view. Be transported back in time to the Nguni King’s grand residence at Hillside Dams in Bulawayo. Explore the breathtaking natural spot, which has been beautifully preserved with eco-friendly design and offers activities like canoeing, ziplining and waterfront nature walk.

Discover the area’s ancient history that dates back to the stone age and features numerous stone age tools and shelters, as well as bushmen cave paintings. Hillside Dams Conservancy is now a national monument, where King Lobengula spent some leisurely days surrounded by nature. Enjoy discussion on African lores at the natural amphitheater.

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We Make Progress: Tour and Save

By participating in Wakambi’s Black Panther’s Secret tour, you will contribute to the nature and wildlife conservation in Matobo, Khami and Bulawayo areas. Part of the tour sales goes to fund African environmental rehabilitation and conservation projects done by Green Earth Movement. Learn more about Black Panther Leopard Research, Breeding and Conservation Project.

Price Per Person Sharing

■ With donation to Black Panther Leopard Research, Breeding and Conservation Project: From USD4050

■ Without donation: From USD3050

* The prices may vary depending on season and number of passengers.  Above figures are for low season, 4 or more travelers. Please inquire if you are traveling solo or with less number of participants.

Price Includes

♡ Activities described
♡ 3 nights accommodation: Southern Cross Estate, Matobo National Park Executive Lodge or similar

♡ Airport transfer and other transfers during the tour
♡ Entrance Fees
♡ Guided tours
♡ All meals, snacks and drinks (tea, coffee, juice, bottled water, local beers & spirits, cocktails)
♡ An African drum to take home
♡ Wakambi Travel Tshirt and Coffee Flask to take home

Price Excludes

× Insurance
× Gratuity
× Souvenir shopping cost
× Recording of storytelling contents. If you wish to record the story please ask us at the time of booking.

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Secret of the Black Panther: Lores of the Last Kingdom