“The Secret” in Africa: Read, Drum, Tour Africa ~ Matobo & Khami, 3 Nights, All Inclusive

Discover similarities and coincidences in likeness to Marvel Universe characters and stories of “The Avengers”, which originated from African ancient lore. Learn rich history kept by sages and knowledge keepers on human connections to interplanetary beings and other races living in the shadows on the planet. Who were real Avengers, Chitauri and Wakanda people? Learn about the river of time, human extraterrestrial origins, modern human origins, progeny of the last survivor of the red people Amarava aka Eve.Realize one of Africa’s most ancient wisdom of “Law of Attraction”. Write the next chapter of your life through establishing intent and setting your goals in the tranquil environment of the African wilderness and safari experience. In a leisurely holidaying mood, progress to visualizing and visioning that is meditated through rhythm, drumming and writing. Apply to your existence and let life unfold. For as long as you do something and apply yourself in life results are assured.

Day 1: Afternoon game drive with sundowners

The Secret in Africa, 3 Nights Matobo & Khami Day 1

You’ll be picked up from airport or your accommodation in Bulawayo; then transferred to a comfortable and welcoming lodge with a fabulous view of Matobo World Heritage Site. In the afternoon, embark on a sunset game drive with sundowners and storytelling on African conservation wisdom and practices. Spot beautiful African wildlife: zebras, kudus, giraffes, warthogs, baboons, wildebeests and numerous bird life.

Day 2: Reading, storytelling, drumming circle, traditional music & dance 

The Secret in Africa, 3 Nights Matobo & Khami Day 2

The day takes place at Hillside Dam Conservancy: King Lobengula’s recreational nature reserve. Lobengula was the king of Mthwakazi Nation founded by King Mzilikazi, with highly organized military system that left lasting impressions among European settlers. Hillside Dam situates in the middle of the city with peaceful waterfront and natural walking trails. Whilst being immersed in the serene environment of the dam uncover facts and knowledge on the theme of your choice, based on African oral history and ancient wisdom. Play African drum and open your mind and soul to the newly acquired knowledge of humanity. Relax and be merry with mouthwatering outdoor lunch, beers, and choice of smoke. Have a taste of specially brewed African beer whilst joining the session of traditional drumming, singing and dancing!

Day 3: Tour of Khami Ruin World Heritage Site; Visualization and Visioning 

The Secret in Africa, Day 3: Tour of Khami Ruin World Heritage Site & Visualization and Manifestation

Immerse yourself in the serene African wilderness of Khami World Heritage Site. This is a visit to the remains of the Torwa (Butwa) dynasty which was overrun by a Portuguese warlord around 1648 platforms. Khami ruins has various styles of ancient stone walling with checked, cord, herringbone, chevron and bands of darker stone.

Khami was the center of trade in the interior. It once dominated the area from the fifteenth to the nineteenth centuries. In the afternoon, you will select your favorite spot for painting, drawing and writing down your vision and dreams; express and visualize what you want, surrounded by peaceful and gentle nature of Africa.

Day 4: After breakfast, we will transfer you back to the airport or your accommodation in the city.


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“The Secret” in Africa: Read, Drum, Tour Africa ~ Matobo & Khami, 3 Nights, All Inclusive